He left a huge impact

Things just don’t taste the same without love
8 Months and a few days……forever changed. I can still feel the impact 💞

Hello my friends…..

Yes, I can still feel the impact. When I met my forever love, everything changed. The colours around me became more colourful.  The smells were stronger. Life was so much more vibrant. All of me, loved all of him.

The time we spent together, not ever as a couple, was only 8 months and a few days. But until today, I could never forget him.

He gave me the profoundest gift: I truly started loving myself, being a woman, starting to respect, who I was created to be. Just because of who he is. How he treated me. With respect and kindness. He trusted me.

Amy Grant sings: when something this strong gets a hold on you, the odds are 99:1, it’s got a hold on him too. I believe that. Believe it still, even after over 21 years.

I believe he will come back to me. In due time, when God’s timing has worked its course.

Love only knows, if it is special enough, that we choose each other, or if we loose each other. I believe ours is strong enough. He is the other side of me.

My prayer yesterday, for over 20 years, today and tomorrow: please Lord bring him back. Whenever I asked Jesus, to remove this longing, if it was not intended for me, he confirmed in the spirit, that his promise is still valid.

When I don’t understand, why it is still tarrying, I trust Jesus, that he knows best, when we are ready for one another.

I still love him today – even more than 20 years ago. Over the years, the Lord has grown me in the understanding of true love. And just as my love to Jesus grows, the love to this man keeps growing stronger and deeper.

He is the reason, my heart was never free to fully love another.

So, here I am waiting, for my first love to return for me, because this man and Jesus are one. I cannot separate them from one another.

I am a woman in love – that’s all.

Praise you, Jesus, for teaching me, what true love really is. Thank you.

Forever yours,


2 thoughts on “He left a huge impact

  1. Fántastico artículo
    Me parece muy lograda tu dictamen sobre este esquema. Desde hace cierto tiempo que estoy interesado en esto y también intento aprender todo lo que puedo sobre esto.
    La intervención que has desarrollado me ha parecido muy favorable,
    sin embargo creo que se podría estudiar un tanto más y de este modo poder aclarar diferentes
    dudas que aún atesoro. De todas maneras, muchas gracias por tu aportación. Voy a estar observador
    a futuras difusiones que realices. Muchas gracias.

    Liked by 1 person

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