Is he getting ready to leave…..

I am trading my sorrow, I am trading my pain, for the joy of the Lord.

Yes, my friends, I am – I can feel the Lord reaching in, and healing my heart piece by piece. Every painful experience brought me closer to his heart. Praise the Lord.

Today, as I was at my daughter’s year end assembly, all of the sudden, it felt, as if my dad was preparing to leave – to be honest with you, it would not have surprised me, to come home (he was too tired to join me for the assembly), to find him dead.

Thankfully he was waiting for me, to take him to his Physio appointment, but he nearly fell, as we were getting into the car. For a moment, I thought, he may have a heartattack or something, and this was it. He is doing better. Thank you, Jesus.

Today is a hot day, and yesterday was busy, with driving to Bolton and back. IV treatment and all. My heart goes out to him. He misses my mother hugely, and somehow, I truly believe he wants to follow her. I don’t blame him. Even I sometimes have this huge longing to be in Heaven, with Jesus, forever.

This said, he did welcome Jesus into his heart, and thus we know, they, my Mom and Dad, will get to spend eternity together. I am very happy about that.

Not sure, what to pray for right now, for him to get better in the here and now, or for him to be with mom forever. So I will just let the Holy Spirit take over. He knows best. And the Lord knows the plans he has for my father. Yet I am fine either way. Understanding the longing to be in Heaven so well myself.

Mom and Dad with nephews 2000
Together forever

God bless you my friends – wishing you an amazing summer.


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