I am trading my sorrow, I am trading my pain for the joy of the Lord.

Hello my friends,

Jesus walks with me wherever I go. I am thankful on so many levels – the levels where I still face struggles, they cannot take away my peace and my joy, that I found fully in him.

Today three years ago, I drove to meet with a man, who I had met a quarter century ago at Hotel Management School, who I had started dating (via phone conversations) in March of that same year.

I thought, we could have a future together, but he was not ready to commit. I was fine with that at first, but not after we met in person. God does not intend for us, to be in relationships, that don’t lead to a future together.

I justified getting intimate with him due to our relationship having been going on for a few months prior to us meeting in person. Yet, I didn’t feel good about it, subsequently the Lord told me to let go of this relationship altogether. I obeyed and broke it off, I sought forgiveness from the Lord, and he has given me back my dignity.

I know, however, that today’s society makes physical intimacy to be not only okay, but desirable, yes even makes us believe, we have to give in to it, despite our beliefs – or we will be tossed aside. And another one will fill our place.

Today’s society considers physical intimacy, premarital sex as the right thing to do – but I tell you: physical intimacy is the fulfillment of love between a man and a woman, not an audition to dating.

I made the same mistake, even though I should have known better. I am sorry. I believe the man and I could have had a chance, if the relationship had been built on godly principles. Yet it wasn’t.

Was it fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of no being enough. I don’t know. What I do know, however, is, that I will trust Jesus, to lead me to the one he has for me. Hoping he still has one for me. But unless I get a clear go ahead, I shall stay clear of any temptation. Jesus is my one and only.

My Jesus is going to orchestrate all things for my best, as I do love him and am called according to his purpose. Thank you, Jesus – I love you. Forever and always.

Your love breaks through and I fall in love 😍 with you once more


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