Blown away – once again!i

I am trading my sorrow, I am trading my pain for the Joy of the Lord.

My friends,

my Jesus is simply amazing. I am sitting outside, reading my bible. – I started at the beginning a little while ago, and will read through the whole book (his love letter to mankind) during this summer. – his love to me shines through every page.

Every promise he made to Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – That is where I am at right now – is mine. For I am a descendent of them all. We all are, but the moment his love pierces our hearts, and we can no longer go back to our old selves, we can claim those promises for ourselves. Once we have passed the point of no return – we are truly his – all that is his, becomes our own.

The spirit of the Lord descends upon us – we become less and he becomes more. We become more like Jesus. He lives in and through us. The world sees him in us more and more. His light radiates through us more clearly each time we stay close to him, and seek his face in all circumstances.

Thank you Jesus. You are all I want and you are all I need.

Jesus is my One and Only

Forever yours,


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