Farewell my friends

I am trading my sorrows, I am trading my pain, for the joy of the Lord. Amen

My friends,

I am just 2 months short of 5 years of blogging and 4 months short of 5 years publishing my blogs. And just like that, I am done.

Yes, the Lord is urging me forward. I ought to move on. Staying with blogging would be staying where I no longer belong. Holding on to a place, I have to liberate for another voice to be heard.

It’s been an awesome time, that I got to spend writing for Jesus, sharing my story with you. From this day forward it will be books (fiction and non fiction) – I am retreating into the background. It’s no longer about writing about my walk with Christ, how Jesus has changed my life, turned me right side up and inside out. It’s about stories, that may or may not have autobiographical aspects, that will touch your hearts on a different level.

It’s not concrete, but I know it is coming. My life has been shifted greatly over the last few months. Jesus has become an integral part of my life – and I am talking about the living Christ. The one you can hear talking to you, through the beauty of creation, the butterflies, the birds, the flowers, every written word you read, every word you hear, either through other people, on the radio, in movies, the one you smell in a freshly brewed coffee, in fresh cut grass, or the ground, when it has just rained. You taste him in the food you eat, you see him in the people around you, he is always and forever with you.

His amazing love is truly all around you. What a beautiful place to be. I never want to leave his beautiful presence. Thus I have to focus on all that he points me to. Now he is pointing me to new horizons. Right now these horizons are still right here at my doorstep. I will write, I will work with people on appointed projects.

Stay tuned, my friends, my first book should show up on the bookshelves in stores soon. As soon as God’s perfect due date rolls around. This is my next project. And then there will be many more. I can feel them in my veins.

But not only my writing will emerge to a new level. Many more projects are in the pipeline of my beloved’s plan for me.

It’s finally time to receive all the blessings God has for me. Thank you Jesus, for gently nudging me forward into trusting you more and more each day.Β 

My heart is full of gratitude for what was and full of excitement for what is to come. I thank everyone and every experience, that crossed my path or came my way, for what I learned, how it shaped me into who I am today.

Reaching further, reaching for the crown of life, that waits at the end of my journey, yet enjoying the journey in the meantime.

God is good. He knew exactly what I needed, to get, where I am now. The pain, the heartache, the tears, the joy, the laughter and the memories – it all is an integral part of who I am created to be.

Thank you, my friends, for your faithfulness. Wish me well, and look out for the books, that my best friend, the Holy Spirit will breath in and through me. I am a willing vessel, and I will heed his guidance and call on my life.

God bless you, today and always.

Goodbye πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ™Œ

moving forward – straight into paradise

4 thoughts on “Farewell my friends

    1. Thank you so much my friend. ❀️ I feel a bit nostalgic about moving on, but I know, the next stage will be just as exciting, even more. And we are still connected on fb and Instagram 😘


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