Can you trust again?

I am reposting an older post – unfortunately the platform on which this was originally posted ( has been closed…. – Here you go:

After Forgiveness comes Trust…..We all know, that Forgiveness is the attitude of the heart, that allows love to grow. Without forgiveness, love cannnot thrive. We all mess up, we all need forgiveness. Recently I learnt, that even though Forgiveness is the first step, the next step is just as vital: TRUST

The question is: Can we trust that relationship again – with our heart, with our existence? If the answer is NO – we better move on. But if the answer is YES – we can lift the relationship to a brand new level. Reach Heaven in the here and now. And that means any relationship (family, love, work, communty – even country).My question now is: will you trust again?

Winter ❄️ in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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